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Dressing Drum

Product Code : HH-0010-0058

One of the top Manufacturers of Dressing Drums and Sterilizing Drums in India. We manufacture and export Dressing Drums and Sterilizing Drums of top quality and lowest prices. Dressing Drums made from stainless steel, Jointed Dressing Drums, and Seamless Dressing Drums, are available at unbeatable prices and in excellent quality.


It resembles a cylindrical metal instrument that is used to store and clean different instruments and dressing materials in the Operation Theatre room, clinics, and health centers. Dressing Drums are also called Hospital Dressing DrumsMedical Dressing Drums, and Surgical Dressing Drums. Stainless steel Dressing Drums are manufactured, supplied, and exported by Medilivescare Manufacturing Private LimitedJointed Dressing Drum and Seamless Dressing Drum in S.S. 202 or S.S. 304 Grades are available in various thicknesses as per customer requirements with a reasonable MOQ.


Dressing Drum for use in Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centres etc.

Seamless (Jointless).

Material: High-quality stainless steel.

The sizes available are:

Size Identification no.

Size (D x H) inches                                     


6 x 4 


6 x 6


9 x 5


9 x 9


11 x 5


11 x 9


14 x 5


14 x 9


15 x 12


12 x 10

Available in regular and deluxe quality and in S.S. 202 & 304 Grades.


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